Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Choithram International under its visionary Head of School – Mr. Dilip Vasu, believes in inculcating culture of sustainability in school.
School has taken several revolutionary smalls steps within its premises, towards making a big difference to the environment like: installation of food composters, low-cost drip irrigation system, collaboration with state-recognized E-waste recycler, installation of air monitoring device, water recycling plant, segregation bins and rainwater harvesting system.
Sustainability is a culture in school and it has percolated in all aspects of school functioning. CI’s carbon footprint due to paper waste is diminishing and will soon be even lesser as CI is set to become completely online. Along with this venture that will reach fruition soon, CI is also the first school of Madhya Pradesh to be recognised as the centre for all GEG (Google Education Group) activities. With the recent introduction of Cambridge e-books and learning management system, the aim of reducing our carbon footprint seems to close to achieving.
CI firmly believes in enabling its teachers and students to acquire many skills and then applying those very skills towards betterment of the community through various service programmes. Hence, CI recently took a step forward to empower fellow educators by organizing a Sustainable Green School Workshop on 22nd February where around 20 schools from Indore and pan-India participated. Moving forward, CI will be hand-holding these schools in their Green School audit and training.
The workshop began with the melodious Green Choir, after which Mr. Vasu gave an inspiring speech, explaining the importance of conserving natural resources for our future generations. He summed it up through thought provoking lines:
“God always forgives, men forgive sometimes, but nature never forgives.”
The Green School Coordinator – Ms. Jalpa Shah, showcased CI’s GSP Project journey and the audit report to the attending guests.  Ms. Ajanta and Ms. Aditi from the Centre of Science and Environment, New Delhi, took a hands-on training session on Sustainability audit. CI has been declared as the Indore centre for Centre of Science & Environments’ Green School Programme.
Ms. Sheetal Antil from The Climate Reality Project India, briefed the participants on sustainability goals, elucidating why it is need of hour. The Climate Reality Project India was introduced by Former US Vice President Al Gore and came to India in 2008. CI is the first school in M.P. to clear its certification and become a part of the Global Network of Sustainable Schools. CI was also declared the Headquarter for the Al Gore Certification Programme in M.P.

The next meeting with registered schools will be held on 4th March. The session concluded with felicitation of the GSP Core Team members followed by lunch.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cycle March

Today, marked the beginning of a long term project, "Road Safety for Better Environment", a Group 4 and CAS initiative of the DP 2016-18 students. Students have identified five major areas to work upon for this project. The group members Sakshi, Prachi, Niramay, Huzef, Jaideep and Adarsh of one of these five groups planned an awareness campaign, "March towards Safer Roads", under the guidance of our DP Coordinator, where the students, teachers and HOS rallied on bicycles spreading the message to save the environment. They displayed banners and voiced slogans to encourage people to go "Car-free" on every TuesdayThe event also witnessed involvement of the parent community in making arrangements for hiring bicycles and safety management. The project will continue to sensitize the masses in different phases to come.

Friday, 17 February 2017

International Mother Language Day!

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -  NELSON MANDELA

Today PYP celebrated "International Mother Language Day", where learners of PYP4 got an opportunity to perform in traditional attire and greet in their mother tongue.  It is celebrated worldwide by UNESCO on 21st February every year, to promote linguistic diversity and multilingual education, which highlights greater awareness of the importance of mother tongue education. 

PYP 4's presentation provided opportunities for learners to explore and present the various languages spoken around them. The Mother language passion fascinated everyone and filled them with the recollection of their own culture. They passed on the message to be proud of the mother tongue as it connects to our roots.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DP Assembly

On 14th February, DP-1 students conducted an assembly on the theme “Road Safety”, connecting it to the 10 IB leaner profiles. The theme is also connected to the Group 4 project and a long-term CAS project initiated by DP-1.

The students of DP-1 had divided themselves in 5 groups, taking up 5 IB learner profiles. Each group organized an interactive activity in which students and teachers actively participated. The morning commenced with an interesting quiz on traffic signage to test the seniors’ knowledge on the signs they daily see on roads followed by an educational video by another group. 

Moving forward, the next group selected 5 volunteers from the crowd to perform a 5-why analysis on different case studies related to road accidents. The assembly continued with yet another informative game, where participants were given critical situations to ponder upon and 3 options to choose their correct answers from. 

To end the activities on a light note, a humorous skit was performed by the last group on the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. The DPC was invited on the stage to address the students and enlighten them with a few words.

Thereafter, Mr. Ajay Vyas (CS & ITGS faculty) received an award for winning the Zero-Waste Competition for the D-3 room.The assembly came to an close with the vote of thanks, followed by the National Anthem.

Friday, 10 February 2017

PYP 2's Assembly Presentation

PYP 2 conducted assembly to share their learning about Solar System with everyone. The assembly started with greetings and prayers, followed by thought of the day. Young learners acted as planets and described their facts. Then there was planetary quiz for the audience.

Assembly concluded with the poem recitation named as ‘Roll call of planets’. Young learners came up with excellent communication skill, keen research was done on planets, and good coordination was seen and applied gracefully by learners.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Best Out of Waste

Best out of the Waste activity was organized in Choithram International as a part of Green School Programme on February 9, 2017. The students of MYP exhibited their talent and showcased it through their creative expressions. 
Various breath taking art pieces worth mentioning were created by the students out of waste products like installation art from natural resources depicting all 5 elements, accessories organizer made out of used gloves and discarded ball, lamps out of the scratched CDs and a rocket from tape rolls and used disposables.

The students displayed their collaboration skills during the competition by showing a feeling of caring and sharing with their friends. The activity made the learners more conscientious towards nature.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

PYP 5's Exhibtion Journey Begins!

Learners of PYP 5 have started their exhibition journey and they are getting ready to explore the issue –Traffic rules and safety on road selected by them after a lot of brainstorming moments. They are now thinking collaboratively in their groups to frame the central idea which will best define their issue and the theme – How we organize ourselves.

Today the learners were engaged in Logo designing competition based on their issue. Learners participated with full passion and made innovative logos.